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Chimsoc - Large Rectangle

Ref: CS3

Availability: Back in Stock May 2019

For chimney sizes up to 90cm x 38cm (36" x 15")

This is the large rectangular Chimsoc. It's suitable for use in chimney stack with internal measurements up to those shown above. The Chimsoc itself is actually slightly larger than the sizes shown once inflated. This is to allow it to hold in place against a minimum of 2 paralell sides.

What's Included?

Please note that our current supply in this size will be supplied in a plastic sleeve, and not boxed.

1 x Chimsoc - Large Rectangle
A tough re-useable plastic balloon with our special heat sealed inner section, ensuring no leaks. The Chimsoc is designed to stop chimney draughts and reduce heat loss is chimneys that are not being used. The Chimsoc is slightly curved at one end to allow for a little ventilation.

1 x Hard Plastic Reminder Tab
A solid red plastic disk, printed with Chimsoc Installed on it, designed to help ensure that you don't forget that your Chimsoc is installed in your chimney stack. Either hang it to the installed Chimsoc by string, so that the tab can be seen hanging in the fireplace opening, or put it in a prominent position in your fireplace.

1 x Instructions
A set of instructions are included with every Chimsoc.

1 x Chimsoc Mouth Inflation Hose
A plastic mouth inflation hose (500mm long). This attaches to your Chimsoc and enables you to inflate your Chimsoc by mouth whilst it is in position in your chimney stack.

Product Features
Click here to view Chimsoc features.

Click here to view our installation guide for the Chimsoc.

Patents Granted:- GB2499294A US8899273 ZL201210567421.3 AU2012227305 AU2012101547
Chimsoc is a Registered Trade Mark - UK, EU & USA

Name:- Chimsoc - Large Rectangle
Product Code:- CS3
EAN:- 0609722931915

1 x Chimsoc - Large Rectangle
1 x Inflation Hose
1 x Red Plastic Warning Disc
1 x Instructions

Box Specifications
Length:- 250mm (10")
Width:- 75mm (3")
Depth:- 50mm (2")
Weight (Actual):- 0.5 Kg
Weight (Shipping Purposes):- 1.1 Kg