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Chimsoc Installation

Here is our guide to the installation of your Chimsoc.

Your Chimsoc® contains the following items:-

1 x Chimsoc®
1 x Reminder Disc
1 x Inflation Hose
1 x Instructions

Please check the contents carefully to ensure that you have all items
Your Chimsoc® should be positioned inside your chimney stack. It's normally located about 300mm up the stack itself, but can be positioned anywhere where there are two parallel sides in the chimney stack, and where there are no sharp protrusions. The image on the right shows a typical installation position for the Chimsoc®.

Installing Your Chimsoc®
Firstly, attach the inflation hose to the end of the valve on the Chimsoc®. Open the valve and part inflate the Chimsoc®. Offer the Chimsoc® into position in the chimney stack, and complete inflation. Do not overinflate. Close the Chimsoc® valve. The inflation hose can then be removed if required.
In some chimneys with high draw, there is a danger that your Chimsoc could be drawn up the chimney. This is especially true if the Chimsoc is not topped up with air on a regular basis. We recommend that, in these chimneys, that you tether your Chimsoc to the fire grate or something similar to prevent this happening.

Topping Up
Your Chimsoc® may need topping up with air occasionally. This is especially the case when first installing the Chimsoc®, if you have used lung air for inflation. The reason is that lung air is warm. As it cools, it contracts, and the Chimsoc® will need topping up. One way to avoid this is to use a pump for inflation.

Reminder Disc
The Chimsoc® is supplied with a reminder disc, to help make sure that you don't forget that you have your Chimsoc installed. This disc can optionally be attached by string to the installed Chimsoc® itself (so that the tab hangs in the fireplace opening), or placed in the fireplace opening.

Chimney stacks require a small amount of ventilation, to avoid the risk of damp build up. Your Chimsoc® has been designed with a curve at one end to help achieve this. You can also choose to wedge a small length of plastic pipe between the Chimsoc® and the stack wall to achieve this.

Place a sheet of paper or cloth over your fire (your Chimsoc® may have collected some dust or debris on the top side). Open the valve and allow some of the air out. Carefully remove the Chimsoc®.

The Chimsoc® can only be installed in a completely cold chimney stack.
The Chimsoc® is not suitable for use in any chimney with a gas fired appliance installed.
The Chimsoc® may puncture if inflated against sharp protrusions in your chimney stack.
The Chimsoc® is designed for use in your chimney stack to stop chimney draughts.
No responsibility will be accepted for damage caused by failure to remove your Chimsoc® prior to lighting your fire, misuse of the product, or where our instructions have not been fully adhered to.
This is a plastic product. Please keep it away from children.