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Chimneys come in different shapes and sizes.

We have manufactured the Chimsoc to suit the seven most common sizes, three rectangular, two square, and two circular.

It's important that you choose the coorect size Chimsoc for your chimney. Too large and you won't allow for the small amount of ventilation required to prevent damp in your chimney stack. Too small and your Chimsoc will not stay in place.

Please remember that all sizes refer to the actual chimney dimensions. The Chimsoc itself will always be slightly larger than the sizes shown to allow it to hold in place.

Rectangular and Square Chimneys

The vast majority of chimney stacks are either rectangular or square in shape. If this is the case with your chimney, simply measure the width and depth of your chimney opening at the point where you intend to site your Chimsoc. You need a minimum of 2 parallel sides in order for the Chimsoc to hold in place. Too small, and it'll drop out. Too large and you won't be allowing for a little ventilation which is required to ensure there is no damp build-up in the stack. This problem can be overcome by using a small length of plastic pipe wedged between the chimney and the installed Chimsoc to allow for the ventilation.

Rectangular and Square Chimneys Image
Chimsoc Chimney Dimensions (Up To)
Small Rectangle 38cm x 23cm (15" x 9")
Medium Rectangle 60cm x 30cm (24" x 12")
Large Rectangle 90cm x 38cm (36" x 15")
Small Square 23cm x 23cm (9" x 9")
Large Square 31cm x 31cm (12" x 12")

Circular Chimneys

Circular Chimneys

In modern houses (post circa 1965), chimneys are constructed using pot liners, which are generally circular. Here you can use one of our circular Chimsocs. The thing to remember in this instance is that you need to allow for a little ventilation within the chimney stack. By using a circular Chimsoc in a round chimney, you will be completely blocking the opening. It's therefore a good idea to use a small length of plastic pipe wedged between the chimney and the installed Chimsoc to allow for the ventilation.

Chimsoc Chimney Diameter (Up To)
Small Circle 23cm (9")
Large Circle 38cm (15"), 2016. All rights reserved.
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